We remember what we want to remember, because our brain wants to.

My age is only twenty-one, but my experiences have had a chance to change me yet. Even if we are living through hard situations, we can be in peace for long time, as long as our body doesn’t say stop. The situations are still in memory (to clarify, in cortex of the brain) and are waiting for awareness. Either we will be strong enough to live with them, or will be knocked down by them. Fortunatelly, our brain is a very clever computer (more clever than we think), and it knows how to work with memories, to make them hurt us less.

Let´s search in the past of our lives, why have we chosen just this university, this work? Why have we chosen having a big family, or staying alone? Why do we listen to rock music? Our experiences have a responsibility for a part of our personality and we don’t have to remember them.

Also, we rather process nice situations and give them priority. However, bad memories will find their way. Maybe I was experiencing a joyful situation while there was a song in the radio and althought I don’t remember it, now it’s one of my favourite songs. I know from school that Amygdala from Limbic circle is one of the reasons for it. Associations are a main human sign. It´s a complicated process in the brain and many structures work on it. Not only humans have this fantastic ability to connect mental perceptions, thoughts, feelings and mood. For example, without associations we couldn´t train dogs.
And It´s an illustrative example of the inability to retain a thought. 😀

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